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The Girliest Cornhole Set You Ever Did See

I’ve been working on this beauty for MONTHS and I finally got it finished today so I am beyond excited to have it marked off my “To Do” list!! This game will be one of a few lawn games that we will have for our guests to partake in during cocktail hour at our reception. I wanted it to be southern (monogram), sweet (pink!), and fun (duh, it’s a cornhole game). The boards themselves were made by a friend of ours and gifted to us (BIG THANKS TIM!) and the painting and sewing was carried out by yours truly with some help from the husband-to-be (HTB).

Sorry, there aren’t any pictures of the board in the works but I decided to start my blog after I was finished with them. Basically the HTB and I taped off the striped edges and painted them. The monogram was a little tricky to pull off but after I found an interlocking font that I liked online I tried my best to cut and paste our married monogram together, blew it up on our printer, and traced it on with tracing paper. I filled it in with paint and then went back and outlined it with a gold paint marker.

After the boards were done I moved on to digging out my sewing machine and getting to work on the bags filled with corn. After finding similar yet different coordinating fabrics, I cut them into 5 inch squares. I also cut some muslin to use as an inner pouch to make the bags sturdier and secure.

Next, I pinned down around 3 of the 4 sides of the squares to create a pouch and sewed them. I filled the one open side with 2 cups of corn.

Once all the corn was inside, I folded the last edge into itself and pinned it down and sewed it shut. Have patience during this because it can get frustrating with a full bag of corn fighting against you while sewing. Also I sewed EVERY side and the finished edge THREE times to make sure the bags wouldn’t bust during a game.

The HTB and I played a few rounds to make sure the bags wouldn’t break and they held up so I hope they do the same on our wedding day. I must say that I am liking the looks of our married monogram! I just hope the guys aren’t scared off by the pink at the reception and still play!!