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The Girliest Cornhole Set You Ever Did See

I’ve been working on this beauty for MONTHS and I finally got it finished today so I am beyond excited to have it marked off my “To Do” list!! This game will be one of a few lawn games that we will have for our guests to partake in during cocktail hour at our reception. I wanted it to be southern (monogram), sweet (pink!), and fun (duh, it’s a cornhole game). The boards themselves were made by a friend of ours and gifted to us (BIG THANKS TIM!) and the painting and sewing was carried out by yours truly with some help from the husband-to-be (HTB).

Sorry, there aren’t any pictures of the board in the works but I decided to start my blog after I was finished with them. Basically the HTB and I taped off the striped edges and painted them. The monogram was a little tricky to pull off but after I found an interlocking font that I liked online I tried my best to cut and paste our married monogram together, blew it up on our printer, and traced it on with tracing paper. I filled it in with paint and then went back and outlined it with a gold paint marker.

After the boards were done I moved on to digging out my sewing machine and getting to work on the bags filled with corn. After finding similar yet different coordinating fabrics, I cut them into 5 inch squares. I also cut some muslin to use as an inner pouch to make the bags sturdier and secure.

Next, I pinned down around 3 of the 4 sides of the squares to create a pouch and sewed them. I filled the one open side with 2 cups of corn.

Once all the corn was inside, I folded the last edge into itself and pinned it down and sewed it shut. Have patience during this because it can get frustrating with a full bag of corn fighting against you while sewing. Also I sewed EVERY side and the finished edge THREE times to make sure the bags wouldn’t bust during a game.

The HTB and I played a few rounds to make sure the bags wouldn’t break and they held up so I hope they do the same on our wedding day. I must say that I am liking the looks of our married monogram! I just hope the guys aren’t scared off by the pink at the reception and still play!!


We went a little overboard….

     Today Adam and I went to the Crate & Barrel Registry Event  and it was so much fun! We found lots of goodies that we really need….and lots we do not really need. But I guess that’s the fun of registering for gifts. Tonight I will have to edit our registry online so that our friends and family don’t think we are crazy! The event itself was great; C&B really does a great job of putting it together. There was plenty of breakfast foods and drinks….Adam was a little too hopped up on the expresso by the time we left.

 Just some of the breakfast foods the wonderful sales associates had prepared. There was bacon and pancakes downstairs! (Also added some of these chic little wine & dine trays to our registry!)

 I fell into a deep LOVE with this reclaimed wood desk the moment I saw it. But it’s so pricey that it will most likely be removed from our list.

Adam scanning up a storm in the beer pilsner section. #iwouldntlethimscanthekeg

 I also had a small affair with these little chickadee plates. Sadly, the sales associate told me that because they are seasonal they may not be around in the fall.  Luckily C&B has started a new feature on their registry site that allows couples to mark certain items as “favorites” if they run the risk of them not being in stock later.

I have been wanting a tabletop terrarium for some time now and this one with the little bird on top is perfection

And this is our very first wedding gift!

If you are a couple who has yet to register for gifts anywhere I definitely recommend RSVP-ing for a Crate & Barrel Registry Event near you!